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Introduction of electric mobility scooter

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Introduction of electric mobility scooter

Electric mobility scooters use high-tech composite materials to make the body. The advantages of electric mobility scooters are impact resistance and corrosion resistance. And it has the advantages of toughness, not being easy to break, and long life. The following is the specific introduction of electric mobility scooters.

Here is the content list:

The main components of electric mobility scooters

Features of electric mobility scooters

Maintenance method

The main components of electric mobility scooter

The electric mobility scooter is mainly composed of a controller, motor, battery, charger, and body parts.

Briefly speaking, the electric mobility scooter controller is composed of peripheral devices and the main chip.

Older electric vehicles' commonly used motor is generally DC motor.

electric mobility scooter features

1、An electric mobility scooter can be forward and reversed. This can make the electric mobility scooter itself limited mobility users can move in a smaller space.

2、Electric mobility scooters use electromagnetic brakes. This takes into account the user's reaction speed and the degree of hand and foot coordination. Users can automatically brake by releasing the switch that drives the mobility scooter.

3、The power of electric mobility scooters is larger. This is because the larger climbing number can prevent the start from instantly skidding.

4、The speed of the electric mobility scooter is slow. This can avoid electric mobility scooter users encounter obstacles easy to slip from the car. The general speed is within 15 km/h.

5、The standard voltage of an electric mobility scooter is 24V, which is an international practice.

Maintenance method

1、The chargers of each electric mobility scooter manufacturer generally have individual requirements. Don't change the charger at will when we are not sure.

2、The general electric mobility scooter manual has instructions on protecting the charger. Many users do not have the habit of reading the manual. Often after the problem they remember to look for the manual. This is already too late, so it is very necessary to read the manual first.

3、Even if your electric mobility scooter range requirements are not long. And electric mobility scooters can be used for 2 to 3 days on a single charge. But it is still recommended that you charge every day so that the battery is in a shallow cycle state. The life of the battery will be extended.

4、In addition to charging every day, we also want to make the battery power in a full state as much as possible.

Electric mobility scooters are more suitable for the elderly and disabled people as a kind of leisure walker. electric mobility scooters can be used to go to the park, buy food on the street and pick up children. An electric mobility scooter is a wonderful tool for the elderly to travel. And it is safe to drive.

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