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  • Types of bath chairs for the elderly


    When the elderly bathe due to the slippery ground or poor balance, it is easy to fall, which can cause serious consequences. To prevent the elderly from falling in the shower, we can add a shower chair for elders. Sitting in the shower, the elderly will be more comfortable and safer. But there are m Read More
  • The structure of manual wheelchairs


    Manual wheelchairs are chairs equipped with wheels to help replace walking, and an important mobility tool for people with limited mobility. Manual wheelchairs not only meet the mobility needs of the physically disabled and people with limited mobility, but also facilitate family members to move and Read More
  • The introduction of the wheelchair with a commode


    With the increasing standard of living and the ever-changing development of technology, people's demand for hygiene is also getting higher and higher. The toilet wheelchair mainly applies the toilet to the wheelchair, which is a kind of mobile intelligent toilet that can provide great convenience fo Read More
  • The introduction of manual wheelchairs


    Manual wheelchairs are seats with wheels that are primarily a mobility tool for people with functional impairments or walking difficulties. The manual wheelchair is both a common mobility tool and an important aid for personal transfers. Manual wheelchairs generally consist of seven parts: pushers, Read More
  • The introduction of electric wheelchairs


    With the development of economic level and technology, electric wheelchairs are becoming and becoming the choice of more and more users. Electric wheelchairs have increased electronic control systems, making them easier to operate and more user-friendly, with manual folding and automatic folding mod Read More
  • Selection skills of bath chairs


    The shower chair is used for bathing in the bathroom. Its appearance is similar to that of an ordinary chair. It is suitable for people with mobility problems such as the elderly, pregnant women, and people with disabilities. The difference between the bath chair and the ordinary chair is that the b Read More
  • Introduction of the shower chair


    In the bathroom, the elderly in the bathroom chance of danger is very large due to the ground being slippery, the elderly can support less, and the elderly stand for a long time easily dizzy, and other reasons. So whether at home or senior institutions, people bathing care for the elderly, be sure t Read More
  • The introduction of stair-climbing wheelchairs


    Wheelchairs are an essential mobility tool for the elderly and infirm as well as those with lower limb disabilities. With increased accessibility, the range of motion for wheelchair users has gradually increased, but stairs have greatly restricted wheelchairs. Current manual and electric wheelchairs Read More
  • Design requirements for shower chairs for elders


    With the advent of China's aging population, people's care and concern for the elderly have risen. The country also has a certain market space for bathrooms for the elderly. The elderly take baths in the same way as young people. The Elderly can choose between a bathtub and a shower. In the summer, Read More
  • The introduction of cerebral palsy wheelchairs


    The introduction of cerebral palsy wheelchairsA cerebral palsy wheelchair is suitable for patients with severe hemiplegia or generalized muscle weakness type. Any child with cerebral palsy who is able to leave his bed with the help of a cerebral palsy wheelchair will be able to recover his abilities. Read More
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