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  • Introduction of under arm crutches


    The axillary cradle is composed of axillary rest, support rod, handle, elastic pin, supporting foot rod, and foot. The material can be wood, aluminum alloy, etc. The height can be adjusted according to the height of the user. When using under arm crutches, the use of the armpit and hands together to Read More
  • Types of mobility scooters suitable for the elderly


    Nowadays, there are more and more elderly people. Therefore, there are also higher requirements for mobility vehicles. But some models are too difficult for seniors over 60 years old without a driver's license. The following is an analysis of 4 types of mobility vehicles suitable for the elderly. Th Read More
  • Introduction of folding mobility scooters


    A folding mobility scooter is a super lightweight electric car. But it is different from the general mobility scooter. Its unique feature is the small size of the product. And this type of electric car can be folded. Here is a specific introduction to folding mobility scooters. Here is the content l Read More
  • Introduction of electric mobility scooter


    Electric mobility scooters use high-tech composite materials to make the body. The advantages of electric mobility scooters are impact resistance and corrosion resistance. And it has the advantages of toughness, not being easy to break, and long life. The following is the specific introduction of el Read More
  • Components of Senior mobility scooters


    A senior mobility scooter is also known as a senior electric scooter. Senior mobility scooters are divided into 3-wheeled mobility scooters and 4-wheeled mobility scooters. When manufacturers design mobility scooters, they do not simply apply the original two-wheeled electric bicycle configuration t Read More
  • The correct use of crutches


    A cane is the third leg of a person. In addition to the elderly with weak legs and mobility problems, when we have lower limb injuries or after leg surgery, we also need to walk with the help of crutches. But the fact is, not everyone knows how to use it. There are even cases of secondary injuries d Read More
  • Introduction to the use of a walking stick


    The function of a walking stick is to increase the surface of support during walking to reduce the load that must be placed on the lower extremity or the skeletal structure of the body. The walking stick can generally reduce the weight on the affected lower extremity by 20% to 25% when used with the Read More
  • Introduction of the walking aid crutches


    There are two main types of walking aid crutches. It includes wheel-less walking aid crutches and Wheeled walking aid crutches. The role is to maintain the balance of the standing body, support the weight, train walking, and strengthen muscle strength. The walking aid crutch has a large, stable, and Read More
  • Introduction of crutches


    A crutch is a walking aid. It is usually a wooden or metal stick.Crutches are an important medical rehabilitation aid. In total, there are crutches, elbow crutches, and axillary crutches. Crutches are mainly used for mild needs among them, such as the elderly or hikers. The crutch is not a disabilit Read More
  • The introduction of medical mattresses


    The medical mattress is a kind of mattress especially suitable for hospital beds. The size of this mattress is generally single bed size. The most basic function of the medical bed is to meet the basic needs of the bedridden person to sleep. The application of a medical mattress is crucial, and the Read More
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