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Introduction of folding mobility scooters

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Introduction of folding mobility scooters

A folding mobility scooter is a super lightweight electric car. But it is different from the general mobility scooter. Its unique feature is the small size of the product. And this type of electric car can be folded. Here is a specific introduction to folding mobility scooters.

Here is the content list:

l The folding mobility scooter has the following main features.

l Notes on battery maintenance

The folding mobility scooter has the following main features.

1. The frame of the folding mobility scooter is a combination of high-grade aluminum alloy. It is both lightweight and solid and durable.

2. The front and rear frame of the folding mobility scooter can be folded and the seat can be folded. This makes this product more convenient to carry.

3. The battery of the folding mobility scooter is easy to disassemble and install. This is convenient for the user to carry around.

4. The folding mobility scooter is comfortable to use. Because it meets the ergonomic design of the seat back cushion.

5. The body appearance and line of the folding mobility scooter are beautiful and elegant. And its surface is smooth and shiny. The most important thing is that it is also environmentally friendly and durable.

Notes on battery maintenance

Although the folding mobility scooter has so many advantages, its battery needs to be well maintained. The following are notes on battery maintenance

First, folding mobility scooters to drive according to road conditions. We take less bumpy roads. In the uphill, on the bridge, upwind of heavy load driving folding mobility scooter, we must slow down. This can avoid the battery's oversized current discharge, and reduce the battery impact injury.

Second, the folding mobility scooter in storage should not be in a state of power loss. In a state of power loss storage batteries are prone to sulfation, lead sulfate crystals attached to the pole plate, blocking the electric ion channel, resulting in undercharge.

Third, avoid high current discharge

Folding mobility scooters should avoid instantaneous high-current discharge when starting and going uphill. High-current discharge can easily lead to lead sulfate crystallization. This is easy to damage the physical properties of the battery.

Fourth, in the folding mobility scooter use process, according to the actual situation should be difficult to grasp the charging time. We can also refer to the usual frequency of use and driving mileage.

In short, the folding mobility scooter is unique. It is a trustworthy product for middle-aged, elderly, disabled people, and other people.

Electric mobility scooters are more suitable for the elderly and disabled people as a kind of leisure walker. electric mobility scooters can be used to go to the park, buy food on the street and pick up children. An electric mobility scooter is a wonderful tool for the elderly to travel. And it is safe to drive.

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