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Types of bath chairs for the elderly

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Types of bath chairs for the elderly

When the elderly bathe due to the slippery ground or poor balance, it is easy to fall, which can cause serious consequences. To prevent the elderly from falling in the shower, we can add a shower chair for elders. Sitting in the shower, the elderly will be more comfortable and safer. But there are many kinds of shower chairs on the market, so we can choose the right shower chair according to the physical condition of the elderly and the size of the bathroom. The following is an introduction to several common bath chairs.

Here is the content list:

l Up-and-down bath chairs

l Movable folding bath chairs

l Multifunctional bath chairs

1、Up-and-down bath chairs

This bath chair, the advantage is not occupying an area of smaller bathrooms that can be used. It can be fixed directly on the wall. And the elderly can directly put it down when bathing. This bathing chair is also very convenient to use.

This bath chair is suitable for the elderly who can take care of themselves, and their legs are still relatively flexible.

2、Movable folding bath chairs

This bath chair has more convenient storage. It is divided into two styles backrest and backless. And the elderly bath can be used to do it as a bath chair, but usually can also be used as a chair. This is also more practical for a smaller bathroom.

This bath chair is suitable for elderly people who can take care of themselves and still have flexible legs and feet. If the elderly who are disabled or semi-disabled use this bath chair, it may be more difficult.

3、Multifunctional bath chairs

Multifunctional bath chair has a variety of uses. That can be used as a wheelchair, can also be used as a toilet chair, can also be used as a bathing chair. This bath chair, lifting armrests. And it has a removable seat coaster. It is a curved frame. It is ergonomic. This bath chair is suitable for the elderly who are disabled and semi-disabled. But it is suitable for use in a relatively large bathroom.

The above three bath chairs are the more common types on the market. And the elderly can choose the type of bath chairs according to their physical condition and the size of the bathroom at home.

For the elderly and the elders in the family, bathing can be a difficult thing to do and there may be certain risks. Because the elderly due to age and decline in body functions, bathing when they may be unstable or unable to stand, easy to slip and fall. This is when you need an auxiliary bath chair to make bathing safer and more comfortable and more convenient for the elderly.

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