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Types of mobility scooters suitable for the elderly

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Types of mobility scooters suitable for the elderly

Nowadays, there are more and more elderly people. Therefore, there are also higher requirements for mobility vehicles. But some models are too difficult for seniors over 60 years old without a driver's license. The following is an analysis of 4 types of mobility vehicles suitable for the elderly. They all do not require a driver's license. And these mobility scooters can be used by any age. Most importantly, the safety factor of these mobility scooters is also relatively high.

Here is the content list:

l Two-wheeled electric mobility scooters

l Recreational Electric mobility scooter

l Rickshaw and tricycle

Two-wheeled electric mobility scooters

As long as the requirements of the new national standard are met, electric mobility scooters can be licensed. And this kind of mobility scooter does not need a driver's license. In addition, this kind of mobility scooter is also relatively simple to ride. And electric mobility scooters also qualify as carrying children under 12 years old. That is to say, the elderly can ride an electric bike to pick up their children at school. At the same time, the basket in front of the car can be loaded with groceries. This is more convenient for the elderly to buy groceries and transport children to school.

But the speed of this mobility scooter is relatively low, with a general speed of 20-25 km / h. But for the elderly, this speed is the most convenient. But for the elderly, this speed is acceptable.

When buying and selling, we should choose the model with footrests. That is the new national standard electric mobility scooter. And the vehicle should comply with the 3C certification and be in the local license announcement directory. Only then can we apply for an electric bicycle number plate. So that we can legally be on the road. And the elderly in riding, to wear a good helmet. Thus ensuring the safety of driving.

Recreational Electric mobility scooter

This kind of mobility scooter is easy to drive and ride. And the mobility scooter body is not big. We can take the children or the elderly to travel with their partners are good. In addition, this mobility scooter is used for shopping and grocery shopping, or picking up children is convenient. So this is a lot of older people's mobility tools.

But the shortcoming of this mobility scooter is that the speed is relatively slow. It is generally controlled within 20 yards. If it is too fast, it is easy to roll over when turning. And this mobility scooter generally does not have a canopy. If it is raining, we have a lot of trouble driving. And three-wheeled mobility scooter parking is not very convenient. If pushed to the underground garage is more inconvenient.

Rickshaw and tricycle

These two mobility tools are more suitable for short-distance riding, not electric, only through the human foot to drive driving, before the electric car is not listed, we riding this travel, with more than 100 years of history.

This kind of mobility scooter speed is good control, but also relatively safe. At the same time, this mobility scooter can also exercise. But this is not very suitable for the frail elderly.

The above four vehicles are not motor vehicles, so you do not need a driver's license, the elderly can always drive, but if the elderly want to travel with more comfortable and convenient means of transport, you can change by taking a driver's license.

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